Thanksgiving For Many Thanks To Volunteers

Thanksgiving means thousands of East Texans were counting their blessings, but without the help of more than 200 volunteers, the Salvation Army Thanksgiving feast may not have been possible.

The dinner managed to put smiles on many faces. 100 turkeys, 2,000 meals, and a lot of hungry people were fed with the help of the volunteers. Each one received instructions to make their guests feel special.

Volunteer, Mary Poret said, "It's a sacrifice that we make and we feel that a sacrifice is something you give to someone else. We want to help those who are less fortunate."

Vanessa Miller also spent her morning as a volunteer. "I think there are other less fortunate people out there who aren't as grateful as us to get a good Thanksgiving dinner and I'm just here to help."

As the group sang a hymn they joined hands to show the unity between the volunteers and guests. Many considered making new friends also a blessing as turkeys were carved away to the bone.

There were definitely no complaints about the abundance of food provided and cooked by the Deep East Texas Chef's Association.

Guest Clarence Hightower said, "It's a wonderful idea, we're all happy to be here today."

Robert Dade sent compliments to the chefs. "The pecan pie, I like that the best."

Everyone has something to be thankful for this year. Dade said he was thankful "To have my health and serenity and somewhere to lay my head. I hope to see another Thanksgiving."

Volunteers say their hard work pays off and best of all, "It puts a smile on someone's face," said Poret.