Hudson and Apple Springs join together for Small School Game of the Week

Apple Springs is a powerhouse team in six-man football but did not have its own band.  Hudson, a high school big in baseball, basketball and soccer, did not have its own football team.  So, in the spirit of 'community' the two decided to share its resources.

That's right, the Hudson High School Band plays for the Apple Springs High School football team, that way, both schools win.

"It's a wonderful feeling.  I really wish the kids had the joys to do that here at the district, but they still have the same joy going over and having fun and you know, making a kind of community effort.  The kids get pumped.  It's great for the community.  It's great for their spirits they finally get to show what they've been working hard for since August 1st, so, every time Friday is performance time it's ready to go their ready to let it all out on the field, leave it on the field,"  said Brad Comeaux, Hudson Band Director.

The two sides cemented the idea back in 2004.

"I really think that the band like sets the mood for the football game, like you can't have a football game without a band to get like pepped up and get your really going. Just really, without the band, there's no like people aren't excited.  Well, people can be excited about a football game, but I think the band like really sets the mood and gets everyone into it," said Mackenzie Rhodes, Hudson Drum Major.

Oftentimes the sounds and excitement the band playing at a football game are taken for granted, but when you do not have a band, that missing touch to Friday night football leaves a gaping hole.

"It's important to have a band because it really adds to the atmosphere of the football game and when you think high school football you always hear the band behind it, even college football the whole atmosphere," said Reagan Minefee, Hudson Senior percussionist.

Hudson Band is a core-style marching band comprised of about 70 members, split between percussion, winds and color guard.  They treat every practice as a performance and every performance as a show.

"Band is my life, it's like what I want to do when I grow up, so, whatever I'm doing whether it be marching, whether it be during concert season, I love it with all my heart.  There is no other feeling that can describe being out on the football field, marching field concert season you have to be in it you have to I love it so much," said Rhodes.

Besides the five home games at Apple Springs, Hudson will also compete at four marching contests this year, one in Texas and three in Louisiana.

"Apple Spring stands are filled completely mostly for football and band people like there's a lot of Hudson people out there just to watch the band and just as many to watch football so they love us we love them it's mutual," said Minefee.

A perfect example of two communities maximizing their resources to pull together as a team.

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