Video Games, Video Games, Video Games!!

If you have a video game system in the house, it probably got a work-out before and after the turkey dinner. And if you plan on fighting the holiday shopping crowds all you video game lovers will have a lot of new selections to choose from. There's a cornucopia of new titles and add-ons this holiday season.

Fourteen year old Elliott Jackson of San Augustine researches the latest out there. He gravitates to the Wal Mart video game section, like many young boys his age.

Jackson said, "I think they're good because it gives kids a lot to do these days. People like to play games and watch TV now and they're real interesting."

For die hard video gamers like Elliott there's an estimated 250 new games expected in this pivotal season for game companies. That accounts for about half of the industry's 10 billion dollar annual sales.

Wal-Mart Manager David Perry knows what sales. "Usually the football games, the Madden 2004, the basketball 2004. Every year they update those versions. They seem to be the best."

But Elliott warns parents to understand what they're buying for their child. "People with young children, they need to monitor what they're playing. Like this game is rated mature and this game is rated E. They need to watch what they're playing because they have some pretty gruesome stuff in 'em."

The reason why there are so many violent games is because young men, not children, are the number one market group.