SFA Library rules change for community guests

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For years SFA library guests, with the approved applications, could sit and do their research at any computer within the SFA computer labs. Now things aren't quite as comfortable.

"There's 10 computers for the whole community. There were no chairs and how much research are you going to do with no chairs," said regular library guest, Darrell Lindsey. "I know Hemingway wrote standing up, but I don't."

"Our mission is to serve the student body, so therefore someone is gong to be displaced," says SFA Library Director Shirley dickerson. "Our priority are students, staff and faculty."

But why the lobby, asks Lindsey. "It's the hardest place in the world to concentrate," said Lindsey. It is where students dash in to check e mails.

In addition, Lindsey points out, "There are open stations up there right now." And during students' peak usage hours Lindsey says, "I'll be the first to get up."

The new policy provides a way for community guests to regain computer lab privileges, plus other library perks. All they have to do is pay $50, "and join the university alumni association," said Dickerson.

Lindsey argues the alumni membership revenue will never benefit the library. He claims the community already provides ample support.

"This is not a lopsided situation where the community members contribute nothing and SFA is contributing everything," said Lindsey.

Lindsey believes the community is being dismissed. The university believes it's offering a compromise. They're even thinking about ordering some chairs.

The East Texas Research Center, located inside the Steen Library,  is still open to the public. Also, Steen Library shares research access with the Nacogdoches Public Library.

The complete policy and a director's explanation can be found on the SFA library website. www.library.sfasu.edu/departments/admin/

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