Nacogdoches Salvation Army help shut ins be prepared

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - It's a pretty simple idea with a big impact.

"We're assembling a survival kit," said AlMarie Henderson-Shumate, chairman for the Nacogdoches Salvation Army.

They'll be given to 200 senior citizens, disabled veterans and the handicap.

"They're not prepared, I mean, it's very rare you find, especially the elderly, who are prepared for a disaster," said Henderson-Shumate.

So that's why the Salvation Army wants you to copy the idea.

"Make sure your grandmother and your mom and, you know, the neighbor next door, that we're all on the page of getting these preparedness kits together," suggests LuVenia Owens, a board member for the Salvation Army.

The cardboard boxes are filled with the kind of stuff that can keep you going when the going gets rough. Twelve items, including batteries, food, water ,paper goods and cleansers are all handy items during an emergency.

High school Key Club members make short work of packing the boxes.

"It's important to get young people out there because we have a big impact on the world and just doing this little thing makes a big difference," said Olumide Sokumbi, a Nacogdoches High School Key Club officer.

The boxes will be handed out next week when hot meals for shut ins are delivered.

Even if there isn't an emergency, the effort will have served its purpose.

"It will give me a sense of security knowing people are thinking about me," said Henderson-Shumate.

There are shut ins everywhere. Fortunately, there's a Salvation Army in every county in Texas.

Suggested items for a disaster kit:

Batteries, flashlight, small radio, plastic baggies, water, snack bars, first aid kit, paper goods (toilet paper & paper towels) sanitary needs, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, dust masks, medications

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