Clawson church honors emergency responders with Heroes Day

Clawson Assembly of God, a community church, provides praise for their emergency responders. Inside the church, located on Highway 69 just north of Lufkin, praise music is sung.Church members gather to honor the people they're calling 'heroes'.

They're mostly people with regular jobs, who just happen to volunteer for surrounding fire departments. They say, heroes, they're not.

"You know I'm not going to claim the title hero and I don't think many of us would," said Rick Bray, a firefighter and EMT for the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department.

But what do you call a person who shows up at all times of the day and night when you're in trouble?

"Our job is when bad things happen we're to respond. We are to go to the danger, not run from it," explained Greg Sanches, a Department of Public Safety trooper who entered law enforcement right out of high school.

They enter dangerous situations with confidence thanks to training, dedication and sacrifices all on their own time and dollar.

"We go get training on our days off. We leave work when we have calls. We leave our family and our home when we have calls," said Dennis Cochran, fire chief for Central Fire Department. "And these things like this at Clawson Assembly of God is putting on, that's our pay check, you know," said the volunteer of 26 years.

The tenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy is serving as a day everywhere to thank emergency responders.

In a patriotic sermon, pastor Kevin Poage preaches heroes are in our midst all the time. For that we should be forever grateful.

"Heroes are just ordinary people who stand out to do extra ordinary things when they're called upon. A hero is a person who is faithful, not necessarily famous," described Poage.

A certificate of appreciation and a $500 check went to each represented department. It was a heroes honor, no doubt about it.

Heroes Day ended with a pot luck supper. Immediately following it, Central firefighters were called to a brush fire, which they quickly put out.

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