Clinton, Reed Cite Need to Internationalize Iraq Reconstruction

Two Democratic senators just back from Iraq say the Bush administration needs to move toward "internationalizing" the post-war effort there by getting the UN involved again.

Senator Hillary Clinton praised the efforts of US troops. But Clinton tells NBC's "Today" show that she and Rhode Island's Jack Reed don't think the US has the right number or mix of personnel needed to make Iraq a safer place.

Reed also praised the troops and says morale is very high since the troops found out when they'd be going home.

Clinton applauded the president's surprise Thanksgiving Day visit to Iraq saying the commander-in-chief's presence makes a big difference.

But she adds it's "no substitute" for a plan to move toward security and self-governance in Iraq. She says the US exit strategy is being driven by the "political calendar" and not necessarily what's in Iraq's best interests.

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