World AIDS Day Events Begin in China; Others Planned Around the Globe

World AIDS Day is now under way in China, where health workers are hitting the streets of Beijing as part of an aggressive plan to combat the deadly virus.

Workers are visiting construction sites and schools to teach AIDS-prevention methods and dispel the stigma attached to the disease.

State-run newspapers are filled with articles about AIDS and planned activities to mark a day of increased awareness around the world.

The push is part of apparent increasing openness learned the hard way during the recent fight against SARS.

Around the globe, candlelight vigils, educational seminars and torchlight parades will mark World AIDS Day.

The event is designed to increase awareness about AIDS, educate people about how to prevent its transmission, and express solidarity with those suffering from it.

A US delegation is heading to Africa, hard-hit by the virus, to urge its leaders to increase awareness.

As many as 46 million people world-wide are believed to have the virus.

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