East Texas fire crews tirelessly battle wildfires

FM 357 in Trinity County
FM 357 in Trinity County
Hudson Fire Chief, Marcial Foisie
Hudson Fire Chief, Marcial Foisie
The Terrys at their home in Trinity County
The Terrys at their home in Trinity County

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - After months in the grip of wildfires, East Texas fire crews are backed into a corner.

"The whole state of Texas is actually under attack because it's just so dry everywhere," said Trinity County Resident, Dorris Terry.

It's a constant siege. From walls of flames to frequent brush fires, like one Wednesday afternoon in Trinity County.

After a quick and heavy response from volunteer fire departments, locals are happy that the brush fire on FM 357 was only estimated to be two acres.

"The Volunteer Fire Departments all chipped in," said D. Terry.

Depleted cash reserves and equipment aren't enough to slow response. Teamwork is filling the gaps. Hudson VFD jumped into action while crews from Apple Springs worked a blaze near FM 355.

"With it as dry as it is, the embers fly everywhere. The fire can just get out of hand just real quick," said Hudson Fire Chief, Marcial Foisie.

Across the Pineywoods, fire departments listen to scanners, ready to help out, no matter the fire's size or location.

"Instead of waiting for them to call us, we're already calling them to see if they need help, and then that way, the quicker we can go ahead and start getting out there. The quicker we are to helping all the residents," said Foisie.

Those in the line of fire aren't waiting for wildfires to reach their doorstep. Neighbors are always on alert.

"It's so dry 'til a car come by and a spark rolls off it. It'll set things on fire. So everybody's watching, trying to keep the fires down," said Trinity County Resident, Albert Terry.

Until the danger has passed, the Terrys pack their pictures, clothes, and water bottles, ready for any evacuation.

"You never know, with the winds and the dry weather, you just never know," said D. Terry.

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