Jacks of the week- Josh and Jordan Aubrey

NACOGDOCHES, TX (News Release) - Twin defensive backs Jordan and Josh Aubrey have been playing football together since they were twelve years old. Even after all that time they still brag about one another. When I asked who is the better player they each said their twin's name without hesitation.

"Jordan, you know I play cornerback so I just go when the ball is thrown to my dude," said Josh Aubrey. "He gets the chance to roam and make plays."

"Josh no doubt about it, he plays a better athletics position cornerback," said Jordan Aubrey. "He has to cover the receivers and be more athletic."

The coaches use the twin connection to their advantage too. They play Josh and Jordan on the same side of the defensive back field.

"We always expect more from each other," said Jordan Aubrey. "So expectations are high when we are both on the same side and I like that."

"He is my biggest critic," said Josh Aubrey. "So we are always going to push each other and that is the good thing about it"

These two say they feel the connection during good plays and bad.

"He makes a play its like I made a play so we are both celebrating," said Jordan Aubrey. "When I do something bad or he does something bad we are both on each other and we know we expect better and bigger things."

The Aubrey's have big dreams too. Josh says they won't come true unless both twins make it happen.

"We want to go as far as we can man, we want to go to the NFL hopefully," said Josh Aubrey. "If both of us make it we won, if only one of us makes it we lost. So we both have to go together, that's how it is suppose to be."

Josh and Jordan Aubrey, and their 30 combine tackles so far in 2011, are your 'Jacks of the week.