Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 9/15/2011

Chen's China Inn @ 302 South Timberland: 31 demerits for improper temperatures, clean and sanitize hand washing sink and soap dispenser, need to seal back door tightly, and fountain drink machine and ice machine need sanitizing

Subway @ 103 Champion's Drive: 19 demerits for lids needed on employee drinks, freezer floor needs to be cleaned, exterminate, and thermometers needed

Logan's Roadhouse @ 4201 South Medford: 15 demerits for water must be available at all compartment sinks, drains at two compartment sinks are broken, and the back door needs to seal properly

Brookshire Brother's #25 Bakery @ 1807 West Frank: 6 demerits for microwave needs to be cleaned, defrost ice on freezer door and repair metal plate on door, cd player and radio also need to be cleaned

Bodacious BBQ @ 521 South Timberland: 0 demerits

Wal-mart Deli @ 2500 Daniel McCall: 0 demerits

El Taurino Restaurant and Bar @ 3900 U.S. Highway 69 North: 0 demerits