Amazing creature caught in Liberty County, Ga.

LIBERTY CO., GA (Raycom News Network) - Gary Patrick was casting for shrimp Thursday from his dock on the Jerico River in Liberty County, when he caught an amazing creature.

"At first I thought it might be a Florida lobster. It is actually a 12 inch long Asian Tiger Shrimp very rare in this area according to DNR." says Patrick.

We should note that the appearance of giant Asian tiger prawns in the Gulf of Mexico is causing alarm for Louisiana shrimpers and wildlife experts.  Experts say the native shrimp species could be infected with a variety of viral diseases if the tigers establish a population in this country.

Tiger shrimp are native to southeast Asia, the Philippines and Australia and a popular aquaculture in other countries.  They are potentially invasive and aggressive toward local species of shrimp.

Scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory are asking you to report any caught.

What an amazing catch! Thanks for sharing your photo with us Gary.

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