Nacogdoches school children donate water to local VFDs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - All summer long, and certainly all of last week, Nacogdoches County residents have been hearing about the hard work put in by volunteer firefighters. Now it's time to say thank you. A group of Nacogdoches children turned the gratitude into a community service project.

Seventeen pallets of water, which amounted to 72 cases of water or 39,000 bottles were collected.

A pallet for each volunteer fire department in Nacogdoches County.

All a generous gift from Christ Episcopal School Children and the community.

"We're giving them water for every fire department," says Connor Wilson, a second grader.

"And we're giving them wipes to wipe their face because they're hot," says Nicholas Bacarisse, a first grader.

"And also chapstick because their lips dry easily in those fires," says Ethan Krenek, a first grader.

The drive helps replenish some of the supplies that's used up on a daily basis.

"We're really needing that water. We just fought one yesterday," says a spokesperson for the Kingtown Volunteer Fire Department.

26 individuals and businesses chipped in to make it all possible.

"Everybody gave what they could and it turned out to be quite a lot for our community," says Angela Bacarisse, the Parent's Association President.

Every bit was appreciated.

"People don't realize how expensive those runs and stuff are, they're going on and it really helps us a lot," says Larry Atkinson, a Etoile Volunteer Firefighter.

At least at Christ Episcopal, the answer to what do you want to be when you grow up is naturally, a firefighter.

"Because they fight fires," says Wilson.

"To help people in need because of their homes," says Bacarisse.

"And save people lives," says Krenek.

"When they get a little bit older we'll get 'em trained, get 'em where they can fight fires with us," says Chief Bobby Brashears, with the Lilbert-Looneyville Volunteer Fire Department.

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