Man calls 911 claiming Taco Bell won't serve him

TAMPA (BAY NEWS 9/CNN) - A Florida man's craving for tacos ended with his arrest and a stay in jail.

The man walked up to a Taco Bell drive-thru Tuesday night to order tacos, but the fast food restaurant wouldn't serve him unless he came in his car.

The man became angry and decided to call 911.

"I got the munchies and I walked a quarter mile from here. Are you going to help me out, or do I have to get arrested to get home? You know what I'm saying?" the man asked the 911 dispatcher.

"Well, we're not going to take you home," the 911 dispatcher said.

"I don't want you to," he said. "I want you to call the manager at the Taco Bell."

The man allegedly told 911 he walked to the restaurant because he didn't want to drive drunk.

He's now charged with misdemeanor misuse of a 911 system.

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