Sheriff's Deputies Help Women Avoid Being Victims

When you think of self-defense, a martial arts class is probably what comes to mind. But in a class at Carpenter's Way Baptist Church Tuesday night, women were learning other ways to protect themselves from an attack.

"They are simple things to do," said Captain Tony Galloway of the Angelina County Sheriff's Office. "Just paying more attention to who's around you can help prevent something bad from happening."

Several of these women have either had their purse stolen, their home broken into, or know someone who has. But many admit that looking for possible danger takes a back seat to every day life.

"Actually I usually don't think about it," said Melinda Brevard. "I'm too busy and I usually just go to the store, get what I need, and am usually thinking about something else."

But Melinda Brevard and her daughter Katie say that the lessons learned at the class are definitely something they will carry with them.

"Definitely, the next time I go out shopping I'm going to make sure I'm much more aware of my surroundings... make sure no one is following me," said Brevard.

And hopefully for all of these ladies that's a message that will hit home.