Nacogdoches family shares son's recovery from coma

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "None of this is what we would have asked for. Nobody chooses something like this," said Carolyn Davis, mother of Ryan Davis.

Her son was seriously injured in a vehicle accident last December while away at Texas A&M at Galveston.

"Swallow. Try to swallow," encourages a therapist to Ryan in the next room.

"Our lives have changed completely, but we accept this and"..., Carolyn's voice fades off, not sure what to say next.

Her family has come to recognize even miracles take a little time.

"From the beginning there were tubes and wires and machines everywhere and now all those things are gone," said Carolyn.

Ryan is home, surrounded by so many helping him toward a recovery.

"I see God using Ryan to change lots of lives," said Carolyn.

There's the patient speech therapist, once Ryan's Sunday school teacher. "He's working hard. He's working real hard," said Debra Bankston. She volunteers several nights a week, in addition to the therapy she provides through insurance.

There's the friend who made a homemade tilt table. It places Ryan in an upright position that's so vital to his recovery. It pleases Ryan's dad, Skeeter. The Douglass math teacher spent hours in the garage trying to make the apparatus. "I told a friend what I needed. He went home and made it, just like that," said the amazed and grateful dad.

The equipment certainly pleases a physical therapist. "We would like to have all kinds of help and equipment, but certain rules and regulations prevent him from having that, so it kinda beats the system," explains Todd mays.

The same way a newfound friend is doing by replacing the music therapy Ryan received in the hospital. David Lucena strums the guitar and encourages Ryan to sing along.

"If the Lord leads me to contribute in that way, then like, I'm all for it," said Lucena. He's now researching music therapy and following Carolyn's suggestions.

In so many ways Ryan is speaking. Just ask the young people who looked up to Ryan as a mentor.

"I've learned don't take any thing for granted and be happy with what god blessed you with," said Colton Najvar, the first friend to visit Ryan in the hospital.

"If you really want something to happen you have to wait. You have to be patient. It just doesn't come to you. You have to work for it," says Ty Marmon, another friend.

They frequently visit Ryan, but they are also support for Scott, Ryan's younger brother. He's a senior this year at Douglass High School. Those who have known Scott for years say he's became a man the night of Ryan's accident.

Scott is the coach. He encourages Ryan during therapies.

"Come on push. That's Ryan. Way to go Ryan," said Bankston as Ryan pushes a light on and off on command. Ryan also closes his lips and swallows on command, but not consistently. That's the goal and his ticket back to more concentrated therapy in a rehabilitation hospital.

Each little change is a blessing to Ryan's family.

"People need to see that God is listening and he's answering prayers, little by little," said Carolyn.

The 'Team Ryan' Benefit Banquet and Silent Auction will be held on Thursday at Hotel Fredonia. The event is from 7 p.m. To 9 p.m. There will be an appetizer buffet, a band and lots of auction items. Tickets for $20 are available at Hotel Fredonia and Diamond Trophy. Thanks to everyone's generosity all proceeds will be donated to Ryan and his family.

You may also follow Ryan's progression and see comments from all the people pulling for him at

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