Angelina Co, Sheriff's Office warns of possible online scam

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The Angelina County Sheriff's office is warning the public of a possible online scam after $133,225 in stolen computer equipment was recovered.

According to officials, the property was purchased over the internet by a third party, shipped to a subject on Old Diboll Highway, using stolen credit card numbers. The person behind the scam was then to ship the items to Nigeria.

The Sheriff's Office was able to intercept a large amount of equipment at the residence and discovered that she had already shipped some of the stolen items, according to officials.

The Sheriff's Office was able to cancel the shipment using the tracking number she had provided them.

All of the property was returned to the rightful owners.

The Sheriff's Office warns that scammers, such as this one, meet people over the internet.

These types of scammers will use stolen credit card numbers to send the stolen property to a third party, usually in another country, officials say.

Scammers can also will have unsuspecting victims send them money too with promises of a big payback that never happens.

The Angelina County Sheriff's Office says never accept products from a third party and re-ship them.

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