A New NASA Mission

NASA is apparently trying to go where no other space agency has gone before, but where that is, is unclear.

NASA and other agencies are working with the White House on a national vision for space exploration.

They aren't discussing where the bold, new course will lead, whether it's a longer-term return to the moon, or reaching all the way to Mars.

Officials will only say the interagency work began in July and will continue.

It was the Columbia tragedy that sparked the discussion on where NASA should venture beyond the space shuttle and international space station.

The investigative panel called for a clearly defined long-term mission.

One NASA scientist favors a moon mission. Everett Gibson says the moon could be used "as a development group" to better operate on Mars.

Tennessee Congressman Bart Gordon says country's like China have their eyes on the moon, and we "don't want to not be there."

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