Social Worker Talks About Malvo's Interest in "The Matrix"

Like millions of other people, Lee Malvo liked the movie "The Matrix."

And a social worker testifying at the sniper suspect's trial yesterday said she can see Malvo in the role of Neo, the movie's hero.

The Keanu Reeves character brings about a huge change in society by shooting his way out of a computer-imposed world of virtual reality.

The social worker, Carmeta Albarus, testified that she also saw convicted sniper John Muhammad as Neo's mentor, Morpheus.

She testified as part of a defense bid to show Muhammad brainwashed Malvo into taking part in last fall's sniper shootings. She wasn't allowed to discuss Malvo's impressions of the movie.

She said Malvo's interest in bringing about societal change also shows up in his interest in the TV miniseries "Roots."

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