East Texas buzzing with Homecoming fever

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Carylon Benge works with people in her florist shop to fill mum orders.

"There is so much color going on right now, you don't know whose school is what," says Carylon's Florist and More owner, Carylon Benge.

She's been making mums for about 15 years.

"Oh the changes are very different. More bling, bling, more feathers, just outrageous colors, zebras, you name it, we've done it," said Benge.

Benge creates mums for schools all over Angelina County.

She says this year, bigger and brighter is better. We found that seems to hold true at Huntington High School.

"It's around my neck because it's a little heavy. There's a lot of material on it, obviously. So, what my mom decided to do is get a rope and just look it through and make it a necklace," said Huntington High School Senior, Brittany Pennington.

Whether they're made by florists or parents, it's all about the bells and whistles.

"I'm in one act play and my mom made this to put on top of my mum," said Huntington High School Student, Halee Morehead.

"One of my friends gave it to me. I asked her to Homecoming this year, and I got her a mum too. And, she got me a garter," said Huntington High School Student, Joshua Packard.

While some guys wore garters, others show their school spirit with face paint.

The commons area at the high school even gets a makeover in a competition where each class decorates a corner.

"The craziness is already here, the mums and stuff they can be distracting. But, the kids are to the point that they understand if it becomes a distraction in class they're going to be taken away from them. So they're being responsible with them," said Huntington High School Principal, Jason Adams.

And amid all the gaudy mums and homecoming festivities, the kids know what all the fuss is really about.

"Friday night football game, that's easy," said Huntington High School student, Lane Williams.

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