Tyler Co. authorities searching for mom, son near creek

Photo courtesy of KJAS Radio.
Photo courtesy of KJAS Radio.
John Fisher is hoping and praying his wife and son are found.
John Fisher is hoping and praying his wife and son are found.

TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tyler County authorities are leading a search for a mother and son who have not been in contact with anyone since Monday after going on a fishing trip.

According to Sheriff David Hennigan, the mother, Lettie Fisher, 79, and her son, John Fisher Jr., 31, went to Magnolia Ridge Park, in the B.A. Steinhagen Lake area on Monday.

"All I'm doing is hoping and praying that they return alive, well and safe," Lettie Fisher's husband John Fisher said.

"We just don't feel like there's a lot of chance they're still alive considering their physical capabilities of a 79-year-old woman and a handicapped man," Hennigan said.

Fisher said his son is mentally handicapped and also has a prosthetic leg. His wife and son normally go fishing together.

"When I came in Monday and they were gone, I thought they were gone to Rayburn, but they never did return Monday night and then I didn't know what to think," John Fisher said. "I didn't even know where to start looking for them because I don't even know where they fish at on Rayburn."

Fisher said they've been gone for three or four days at a time before. However, Thursday a park officer at the Tyler County park noticed their car had been in the same spot for days.

He called authorities and they've been searching ever since.

"We'll have to eventually stop looking just for the manpower issue," Hennigan said.

The sheriff's office has had everyone searching including, scent dogs, cadaver dogs, a DPS helicopter, and radar searches hoping something will turn up.

"There's a possibility there could be bodies under the water and if they're lodged up under a log or something like that, they might not necessarily float to the top," Hennigan said.

He's not ruling out foul play, but they suspect whatever happened was an accident.

The woman's vehicle was not broken into and there was still money inside of it.

Hennigan said the pair do their fishing from the creek bank. He said one dog hit a scent in the water and a dive team was brought in to search the creek.

Search crews continue to look for any signs of John Fisher's family as he hopes and prays for answers.

"He has a good idea what he's facing," Hennigan said. "It's just you know he's probably wanting some type of closure if nothing else."

The park is about 12 miles east of Woodville.

If you've seen the pair recently, find abandoned fishing poles near Magnolia Ridge Park, or really any clues that could help in the search, just call the Tyler County Sheriff's Office.

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