Strong winds means a high fire threat

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - We can finally say goodbye to the heat, thanks to a cold front which has blown through Deep East Texas.  While we will get to enjoy some much cooler weather in the days ahead, we will have one setback that will occur today:  an enhanced risk for wildfires.

All the ingredients will be in play on this Friday to create an increased risk for fires.  The combination of gusty northerly winds (20-30 mph), low humidity values (10-15%), and a very parched ground resulting from the exceptional drought could cause any small flare up to quickly get out of control.

The strong north winds will be the biggest factor at play as it dries out the atmosphere even more and could spread a wildfire very quickly.

Make sure you and your neighbors are vigilant of anyone who may be doing something suspicious, such as throwing a cigarette butt out the window or doing any burning of trash.

Winds are expected to relax over the weekend, reducing the fire threat significantly.  For a detailed look at your cooler StormTracker forecast, make sure to head to our weather page.

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