Jack of the week- John Steel

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Every snap, first down, and touchdown starts in #63 John Steel's hands. The center for your 'Jacks has to make sure before the snap that his 300 pound teammates know exactly what to do.

"It's important for an offense because we are the foundation of the offense," said Steel. "If we are not all on the same page you can't really have a play."

Through three FCS games so far this season the offensive line has only allowed one sack. They keep quarterback Brady Attaway clean most of the time, and that is something they take seriously.

"Its what we pride ourselves on," said Steel. "We haven't really given up many sacks in the last few years. Its what we hang our hat on."

Steel is comfortable helping his fellow lineman on assignments because at one point he has played every position on the line.

"I think its important to be able to play every position if we have injuries," said Steel. "That goes for all our offensive lineman, we can fill in any spot."

John Steel is your 'Jack of the week.