Soldier's dog in Afghanistan finds Nacogdoches home

Beth, a dog in foster car with a Nacogdoches family
Beth, a dog in foster car with a Nacogdoches family
The dog was taken in by Lcpl. Aaron Brittain
The dog was taken in by Lcpl. Aaron Brittain

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - If only dogs could talk, one named Beth would have quite the story to tell. It would be about how she started life in Afghanistan, but ended up, of all places, in Nacogdoches.

The well-mannered pup named Beth, sniffs out the CASA headquarters in Nacogdoches. She's assigned a mission of hope.

"It's symbolic of what some foster children go through where they have a difficult childhood and then they have a difficult journey finding their safe, permanent home," said Rebecca Carlton, CASA director.

As long as there have been wars, there are stories of soldiers seeking comfort from dogs found in combat zones.

Lcpl. Aaron Brittain did that with Beth during his second tour to Afghanistan.

"They found her tied up in the middle of the desert. She was tied up with a string that was growing into her," said Tracye Brittain, Beth's foster mom.

Aaron's unit nursed Beth back to health.

Well aware that an army base wasn't a forever home, Aaron connected with the Puppy Rescue Mission.

"They raised the money within a week," said Tracye.

Soldiers hired a driver to transport Beth to a transit facility in Kabul. They met rebels along the way.

"They were threatened to be killed. They threatened Beth and the driver for helping the Americans," said Tracye.

From there it was on to a temporary shelter in Pakistan. More delays occurred.

After a couple of months, Beth finally arrived to East Texas on Sunday. She's now literally in the lap of luxury.

Beth creates an added bonus for Aaron's mom.

Beth's story is clearly a CASA tale.

"So it only makes sense for children to hear that story about Beth and maybe give them some hope," said Rebecca.

Beth's first public appearance will be November 5th at the CASA 5-K run.

Aaron Brittain is scheduled to be home in December.

You can learn more about the Puppy Rescue Mission by clicking on this link: <

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