Lufkin Industries in danger of work stoppage

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Industry union workers have been here before: negotiating with their employer up to the last minute.

"Really all it is right now is just heresay, but they're not saying anything about what's in it," said Spencer Curry, an employee of the company. "They're trying to keep it quiet. We'll find that out on Sunday."

The company and union groups have reached the end of a three-year contract.

Now, details of those talks between Lufkin Industries and the unions are being kept very close to the vest.

Lufkin Industries is negotiating with the Brotherhood of Boilermakers, the Glass, Molders and Potters Union, and the International Association of Machinists.

"The worst part about it is if we do go on strike, we only get a certain percentage each week, so it cuts out our pay a whole lot," Curry said. "Bills can get backed up, that's what worries me the most."

Just three years ago, union workers were close to striking.

At the center of that debate was a new work shift that would cut their chance at overtime.

Now, as Sunday's deadline looms, many employees have hope the negotiations will work out in their favor.

"I think it'll be all right because we have so much business right now, I don't think they'll let us go on strike," Curry said. "I think they'll do their best to meet our demands."

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