Lufkin ordinance would have more control over animal vendors

documentation will have to be provided to sell animals on private property
documentation will have to be provided to sell animals on private property

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Originally, the City of Lufkin wanted to ban breeders from selling in town, but a new proposal would just allow the city to regulate breeders.

The proposal puts the burden on breeders turned vendors to provide documentation and pass inspections to prove they're not puppy mills.

Thousands of dogs end up in animal shelters every year...the majority are euthanized.

"We had complaints that people, spur of the moment, were out there trying to sell puppies that throughout the day their price dropped, then at the end of the day when they couldn't get rid of them, they left them behind," said Rhonda McClendon, City of Lufkin Animal Control Director.

To solve the problem, the city originally decided they would try to ban breeders from selling.

After many breeders fought back, saying they were reputable, the city took a second look.

"Some of the council members had concerns about totally outlawing animals, the sale of animals on public property or on private property with the owner's permission," said Paul Parker, Lufkin City Manager.

Parker says a new ordinance would allow the city to promote the humane treatment of animals.

Currently there's no ordinance on the books at city hall regulating the sale of animals on commercial property, but under the proposed ordinance breeders would actually have to meet several criteria.

Under the re-drafted ordinance, kennel owners could sell on private or commercial property with the owner's consent.

Kennels would have to be inspected and vendors permitted.

Sales would be banned on public right of ways.

"I'm not disappointed at all because it is accomplishing everything that we couldn't do as an animal control agency before because the folks were out of town," said McClendon.

Local breeders say they're relieved some resolution could be on the horizon, but time will tell if it will be profitable to continue selling in the area.

"We think it's a good compromise. We think it's an area that will help the breeders still be able to do their business, probably with more regulations than they want, but at the same time, we'll assure that they're good breeders," said Parker.

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