Polk Co. investigators continue search for missing woman and son

Lettie Fisher
Lettie Fisher
John Fisher Jr.
John Fisher Jr.

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Two weeks after a woman and her son went missing at a Tyler County park, investigators continue to search for helpful clues.

Video surveillance shows Lettie Fisher, 79, and John Fisher Jr., 31, were last seen at a doctor's appointment in Lufkin around noon on Sept. 19.

Investigators explain they're retracing the pair's steps before disappearing two weeks ago.

After the doctor's appointment, a possible witness spotted their SUV on U.S. 287 West in Polk County. Detectives believe the Fishers were heading to their Chester home to change clothes and grab fishing gear.

Later, the Toyota appeared on surveillance video turning onto State Highway 92. The car was later discovered at Magnolia Ridge State Park near Dam B.

Sgt. Bud Sturrock, chief investigator at Tyler County Sheriff's Office, is trying to connect the steps taken, but due to the time frame of events Sturrock doesn't think abduction is likely in Polk County.

"We have persons that have disappeared like they fell off the face of the Earth. We haven't been able to find them. Nobody has seen them since. This makes it a very suspicious incident," Sturrock said.

A larger search is being launched Wednesday in Tyler County, where some believe Lettie and John Junior went fishing.

While Tyler and Polk County work together on the case, Angelina County has even been involved to some extent since the pair were spotted there at one point. Investigators are hoping more manpower will mean more answers.

"I'll have hope until we find something," John Fisher said.

Investigators say a DPS crime lab is processing the vehicle today.

Detectives say any details are important to this case.

If you have any about the disappearance of Lettie and John Fisher, call your local sheriff's office.

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