New Evidence May Cast Doubt on Guilt of onvicted Nine-Eleven conspirator

Hamburg,Germany-AP -- A German court battle is raising questions about whether the only person yet convicted of planning September Eleventh should stay in custody.

Mounir el Motassadeq's (moo-NEER' el moh-tah-SAH'-dekz) lawyers are asking for his immediate release, after new evidence came out in the trial of one of his friends.

German investigators presented evidence that only four people in Hamburg knew about Nine Eleven: an al-Qaida contact and three men who died in the attack as suicide bombers.

The judge ruled that evidence likely came from the al-Qaida contact -- and that it weakened the accusations against the alleged conspirator, Abdelghani Mzoudi (ahb-del-GAH'-nee muh-SOOD'-uh.) He's been released from jail, while his trial continues.

Lawyers for el Motassadeq (moh-tah-SAH'-dek) say the evidence could exonerate their client, and they're asking for an appeal. But prosecutors argue that el Motassadeq (moh-tah-SAH'-dek) should stay in jail.

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