Former Mt. Enterprise officer says lack of racial profiling cost him his job

David Collins
David Collins
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson


Mexicans are the target of pressure into making cash payments to a Mt. Enterprise City Marshal, according to former City Marshal Deputy Mark Johnson. 

Johnson is suing the small town for wrongful termination, claiming he was fired for not going along with the alleged illicit activity.

Mt. Enterprise City Marshal David Collins "for the last 20 years has been taking cash on the side of the road, but only from Hispanics. He would tell me, ' Mexicans won't pay their bills,' so he would make them do it on the side of the road," Johnson said.

"He would threaten them with jail if they didn't pay. I said, 'What if they didn't have the money?' He said to make them call their friends or relatives to bring them the money on the side of the road and he would take the cash in," Johnson said.

Collins "had a special setting on his squad car where he could activate his overhead lights without turning on the video camera," Johnson said.

This setting ensures there would be no video record of his traffic stops or roadside fines of Hispanics. 

Johnson would not comply with orders, was fired and now travels 86 miles to a law enforcement job. He's asking for back pay and his job back. He also wants change for Mt. Enterprise.

The civil lawsuit will be heard November 7 in Henderson.

Johnson is also sharing information with state investigators about the claims of illicit activities.

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