City of Nacogdoches warns mandatory water restrictions possible

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Researchers are predicting that Texas' drought conditions could quite possibly become the new "worst" drought conditions in our history."If we run into a drought of record today," similarly or worse of the drought of the 1950's, "we don't have enough water to meet our demands," said Carolyn Brittin, Texas Water Development Board.

Nacogdoches City Council enacted two-day a week voluntary watering restrictions in mid-August, however since that time usage numbers for the city as a whole have unfortunately increased.

"This is serious, if our citizens don't participate in the voluntary watering restrictions, and become good stewards of one of our limited resources, water, we could be in big trouble," said Mayor Roger Van Horn.

Currently, the voluntary water restrictions encourage residents to follow a strict watering schedule for lawn irrigation, limiting sprinklers and lawn irrigation to only two days a week. However, if City Council chooses to enact the mandatory portion of the drought conservation plan, individuals can be cited and fined for not adhering to the restrictions.

The City of Nacogdoches will continue to keep a close eye on usage numbers throughout the month of October. The City can monitor water usage on all meters remotely, which will help determine where our non-compliant uses are located. It is critical that citizens adhere to the voluntary watering schedule at this point in time so that mandatory restrictions do not have to be issued.

Details on the watering schedule and on water conservation tips can be easily found by visiting