Appleby Fire Department practices life saving techniques

David Crawford, Appleby Fire Department Chief
David Crawford, Appleby Fire Department Chief

APPLEBY, TX (KTRE) - "Nationally, there's a motor vehicle accident about every 22 seconds," said Appleby Fire Department Chief, David Crawford.

That's why Crawford and his crew spent their weekend training on how to effectively rescue. He says a vehicle accident happens about every other day in Appleby. So, it's imperative for his team to be able to rescue and get help within the "golden hour" following a car accident.

"Well, it's a great feeling, we do it for the community and the citizens, and in turn, they support us," said Crawford. "And, just like anybody else, you hope when somebody calls 911, somebody would show up and deal and take care of your family or loved ones and get them to the hospital."

The training is held every 6 months to keep firefighters skills sharp, learning how to use the jaws of life to rescue from any type of vehicle.

"But, as they strengthen the cars and use new steels, and what have you, we need to keep upgrading our techniques and our skills and trying out new equipment that we use everyday out on any type of motor vehicle accident," said Crawford.

"This is the kind of stuff that can be done under low pressure, low stress, before you get out there and you have people screaming, hurting, and you're trying your best to effectively effective rescue quickly," said Appleby Firefighter and Emergency Services responder, Robert Hurst.

The firefighters were divided into teams to practice their skills on cars that were donated by a local wrecker service.

"Firefighters that are here receiving training that they normally would not receive unless they were with a large department in a large city," said Hurst.

Crawford says this training is invaluable because these tools can make a difference in life or death.

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