Texas Cattlewomen visit Nacogdoches for their convention

Texas Cattlewomen president, Janna Stubbs
Texas Cattlewomen president, Janna Stubbs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Texas Cattlewomen Association spent four days in Nacogdoches for their Annual Texas Cattlewomen's Convention.

Over 50 women came out from across Texas, enjoying traditions in the oldest town in Texas and holding meetings to discuss the cattle industry.

They addressed the drought, wildfires, and other concerns that have impacted cattle raising this year.

"Drought, unfortunately, has impacted our personal operation tremendously. We've lost 80 percent of our ranch in East Texas to fires, wildfires earlier, and unfortunately we've had to sell off many truck loads of cattle," said Texas Cattlewomen president, Janna Stubbs. "Thankfully the market is up, but rain will come."

This event generates around 40 thousand dollars each year.

For more information on the cattlewomen, visit www.txcattlewomen.org.

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