Nacogdoches business hiring 150

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Job growth in the U.S. is dipping below the population growth, but one Nacogdoches business is hiring despite the downturn.

"We're looking to hire a lot of people because we have several Fortune 500 companies that have requested us to do business for them," said Veronica Ellison, vice president of human resources at Etech.

About 150 positions need filling for sales, support and customer service, including chat lines.

It's working for Danielle Munday.

"I currently work on a click-to-chat campaign called LeTourneau University," Munday said.

When Munday isn't chatting with prospective students, she's taking online courses from the same university she's marketing.

"I've got all the benefits they offer," Munday said. "Tuition reimbursements, daycare reimbursements. I've got the health, dental, vision, 401K. So, I have pretty much everything they offer, so it works for college students, works for parents. It works for pretty much anybody."

Etech's growth comes after a long, slow summer when some contact centers the size of Etech called it quits.

Like all corporations, there have been struggles. This new business for this local industry is certainly refreshing.

Especially when marketing Etech services to companies around the world.

"At the end of the day, if someone like an Etech or someone in our industry can do it better, faster and cheaper it would make sense for that customer to outsource it," said Jim Iyoob, vice president of Global Development.

And that leads to employment for new hires currently in a training session. Soon they'll be ready to join the competitive spirit seen on the floor and in corporate America.

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