Nacogdoches quarterback a living legend

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - On November 11th, 1939 there was only one place to be if you lived in Lufkin or Nacogdoches, at the football game between the Panthers and Dragons. Buddy Hawkins was the quarterback for the Nacogdoches Dragons.

"It was something else," says Hawkins. "Everybody in the county was there and there wasn't even standing room left."

Over 5000 people attended that Saturday game and they saw Nacogdoches defeat Lufkin 8-to-6 that day. Of the 24 men on that Nacogdoches team only two survive today Hawkins and A.L. Magum. Last Friday the 2011 Dragons and city of Nacogdoches took time to honor Hawkins and his accomplishments.

"They are the last ones from that game that year," said Peggy Jasso of Nacogdoches. "So we are very happy to have him here today. He is a very honored person we are blessed to have him with us at 90 years old."

Hawkins currently resides in Midland, Texas but he took the nine hour trip to East Texas to come to a reception in his honor, and of course watch his Dragons play again.

"I love to watch it," said Hawkins. "It's like I'm playing again, but I'm too beat up. I've come an awful long ways to see it."