Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 10/13/2011

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Mexico Lindo @ 200 North Temple: 41 demerits for fajita meat being kept too cool and the green sauce kept too warm, inspectors found damaged floor tiles that need to be replaced, floor under equipment needs to be cleaned, and foods must be stored off the floor.

Jack in the Box @ 400 North Temple: 33 demerits for improper temperatures, all kitchen surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized, corroded racks in salad cooler need to be replaced, insects on floor.

Sonic @ 572 North Temple: 12 demerits for cheese too warm, remove water damaged wood at hand sink and repair leak, and the inside of the ice machine needs to be sanitized.

Mom's Diner @ 900 West Frank: 10 demerits for the ceiling above dishwashing machine needs to be repaired, air vents by men's restroom need to be cleaned, screen door on back must seal tightly around all edges (repeat violation) and thermometers are required in all freezers and refrigerators.

Starbucks @ South First: 9 demerits for hand sanitizer needed and ice scoops must be stored properly.

Bryan's BBQ @ 609 South Timberland: 9 demerits for the floor under equipment needs to be cleaned and a rug needs to be removed from the restroom.

Red Lobster @ 1919 South First: 4 demerits for thermometer needed at ice cream cooler and employees need to make sure hand sanitizer dispenser is functional.

Simple Simon Pizza @ 513 North Temple: 0 demerits

Smoothie King @ 4505 South Medford: 0 demerits