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Restaurant Reports: 7 Restaurants receive a negative evaluation

Rodent droppings, dangerous temperatures and dirty dishwashers are just a few of the set backs health inspectors found in local restaurants.

KLTV 7's Restaurant Reporter, Annette Falconer, runs down the list.

First on the list is Half Moon Grill and Saloon in Tyler. Inspectors suspended the food service permit due to filthy conditions. Rodent droppings were found near the ice machine. packaged raw tilapia was found twenty degrees over the temperature requirement. A bag full of dough was stored on the dirty floor, then placed on the prep-table. Total demerits: 34.

Inspectors also paid a visit to Golden China Buffet in Whitehouse, another restaurant that had their permit suspended. Meat and several other foods were found stored out of temperature. Inspectors found several meats did not have any dates labeled on the food to signify when they expired. Total demerits: 33.

In Flint, Hog Wild Pizza off Highway 155 makes tonight's list. Upon arrival, inspectors found no certified food manager on site. But they did find rusty shelves, can openers, and a dirty pizza oven. 20 demerits there.

Inspectors dropped in at Panaderia Y Pastel San Miguel in Tyler, too. Once inside, they had to discard several stored food items for being too cold or hot. Inspectors noticed cross-contamination with cow tongue being stored above other meats.  Total demerits: 19.

El Zarape in Tyler stored several foods out of temp. Inspectors found food in a cooler, with no date-marking, yielding 15 demerits.

Sonic Drive-In off the NNW Loop in Tyler made the list tonight. Employees were found improperly washing their hands. Inspectors also noticed accumulated food debris in food contact surfaces, totaling 15 demerits.

And finally tonight, the Cotton Patch Café in Tyler. Inspectors found sticker residue on "clean" utensils and food containers. Several meats were improperly stored, tallying up 15 demerits.





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