NEDCO outlines plan to boot economic obstacles in Nacogdoches

NEDCO'S mission is to focus on Nacogdoches retail possibilities
NEDCO'S mission is to focus on Nacogdoches retail possibilities

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A great job at expanding existing industry,but a not-so-successful attempt in attracting new retail.

That's a quick version of the annual report from the Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation.

Outgoing and incoming chairman are giving advice on how to maintain the momentum and overcome the challenges. @

"We've had 1200 jobs that have been added to our rolls in the last 2 years. We've added new industries this year. We've expanded existing industry," said Ed Pool, outgoing NEDCO Chair.

The gavel is now passed to David Alders, the new chair. Alders wants to maintain a cooperative spirit in reaching the priorities of business attraction.

"We have tremendous assets in this community and a favorable climate, a favorable business climate in the state of Texas, favorable business climate here locally," said Alders.

Nacogdoches still struggles with retail development, listed in a 2010 Texas Retail Survey as number 41 out of Texas' top 50 markets. Its neighbor to the south, Lufkin, is listed number 9.

"We don't deny them that distinction of being fast growing and doing a great job of developing their community. We, in fact, would love to emulate that," said Alders.

In a bold move, Lufkin retail developer David Miles was invited as the guest speaker for the Nacogdoches business meeting. The SFA alum's garden and fashion districts are the envy of Nacogdoches.

"There's room for a lot of retail growth in Nacogdoches, but remember, it's not only the location, but the timing. So, timing is an issue. And the best time for retail, I believe, are coming to Nacogdoches," said Miles.

Opportunities are out there for Nacogdoches economic development and as noted in NEDCO's annual report, it's a continuous process to close the business deals.

NEDCO's membership continues to grow.

One of NEDCO's goals is to list all available commercial and industrial property on its website.

NEDCO continues to court national and regional retail prospects.

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