East Texas anglers use drought to improve their fishing game

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Boat ramps are closed and shore lines widening, but some are taking the drought as an opportunity to improve their fishing game.

"Fisherman, as you know are eternally optimistic so we can always find the silver lining in whatever," said Angelina County Parks Director Jason Kartye. "It's great time to really get out on the lake and look around."

When the Lake Sam Rayburn is 13 feet low, an experienced fisherman said, it's an opportunity to scout out all the good fishing spots.

"I don't want to steal anybody's thunder here, but you know right now with low water conditions a lot of the brush tops and brush piles that are out there, their tops are starting to show and they're out there near humps and so forth and when you go out there, you can kind of see where these places are," said Terry Sympson who runs Jackson Hill Park and Marina.

Experts say the low waters reveal more than just the best fishing holes.

Fisherman are better able to see obstacles in their way. Some even go so far as to mark down the GPS coordinates.

"I had a guy that came down earlier this week and I was talking to him and he had actually taken three days of vacation to come down here and just basically ride slow around the lake and mark places that were safe to run," Kartye said.

While Lake Sam Rayburn is losing about 1.5 inches of water every week, Kartye said it's still okay for boaters to come out on the lake, they just need to take it slow.

"I think a lot of people are afraid," Sympson said. "They hear stories about how dangerous it is and what we tell people is look, Rayburn can knock a hole in your boat anytime."

"Basically just take your time," Kartye said. "It's pretty safe. I wouldn't run wide open anywhere."

So, anglers are spending time now, while the water's low hoping to real in a big payoff when the water rises.

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