Wal-Mart Clerk Assaulted By Customer

Sheri Ramsey works as a cashier at Wal-Mart. She says in her five years of retail experience, she's never encountered anything like what she experienced Tuesday. Ramsey says a customer gave her a driver's license that she thought looked fake, so she called a manager to verify it. The man told her to give him back the license. And when Ramsey refused, she says he attacked her.

"He proceeded to grab me and claw at my arm. I've got a few claw marks. And then he grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me out from behind the cash register. I screamed, he grabbed me by my throat, and we went down together."

Police arrested Rodney Lewis Ervin at the scene. As of Wednesday he remains in the Nacogdoches county jail, charged with two counts of forgery, tampering with a government document, and assault.