Lufkin Police: Man hacks into ex's email, sends nude photos

Brandon Dunn mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Brandon Dunn mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Police have charged a Tyler man accused of hacking into his baby's mother's email account and sending correspondence and nude photographs to her attorney.

Brandon Lamar Dunn, 19, is charged with improper photography and fraudulent use of identifying information.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, police met with a woman on April 20, who said she was contacted by her attorney, who told her they had received several emails from her in regards to dropping the case they were working in reference to a child custody dispute between her and Dunn, who is her child's father.

The attorney told her they received several photographs of her through her email. The woman said she had no knowledge of either.

The legal assistant received an email from the woman's account on March 28 stating, "I am sorry but i was wondering if you could drop the case and for me and forget about it. We talked last night and I told him what was going on and he said if I would drop this case and everything he is willing to negotiate. So if you dont mind could you just forget the whole case cause i think i dont need it anymore."

The assistant wrote back to the email, saying, "We can dismiss the case for you if you wish. You have paid a non-refundable minimum fee to our office. Usually, each case that is filed requires a new fee but we will let this be a credit for you if you need any future assistance. In other words if you come back and need us to go through with everything your money will already be paid. I will get the case dismissed."

The assistant wrote again on March 29, saying, "I spoke to [the attorney] and he said that it would be better to leave the case on file that way if you ever come back to us to proceed you won't have to pay the filing fee. We will not take any further action on your case unless you request it."

An email from the woman's account on March 29 said, "I have another question. I want to do away with the whole file. I mean i do not want it on file or anything were it can be brought back up. I just want to forget about the whole thing and forget that it even exsited"

Another email from the same account said, "Just go ahead and dismiss the case i dont mind paying another filing fee i really dont want the case on file anymore"

The assistant wrote back to the email and said, "We will get it dismissed."

An email from the woman's account said, "ok thank you so much"

The assistant then received five photographs from the woman's account with four photographs of her in various stages of nudity and a fifth photograph of an up-close view of the female anatomy.

The woman told police that the correspondence between her email account and the assistant was not from her and she did not want to stop the legal custody paperwork. She also said she never sent the nude photographs of herself to her attorney's office. She said she believed Dunn was responsible for the correspondence and the photographs.

The woman said she believed Dunn figured out her password or security questions to her email account and her Facebook account. She said four of the nude photographs were taken from her Facebook account and sent them to her boyfriend. She said the close-up photo was not hers.

She explained that she believed Dunn is attempting to mess up the custody issues with the emails and photographs and that he was living with his parents in Tyler.

Police subpoenaed Yahoo, and by tracing the IP addresses and the dates and times of the emails, connected them to Dunn's mother's address in Tyler.

Police obtained a warrant for Dunn's arrest on August 15. Tyler Police located and arrested him on October 7 and he was transported to the Angelina County Jail on Thursday. His bail is not yet set.

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