Occupy Wall Street comes to East Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has been growing across the country over the last month, and now it has made it to East Texas.

Organizers are holding the first "Occupy Tyler" rally at the Federal Courthouse in Tyler as part of a series of worldwide rallies and marches known as "Occupy Together."

The movement started when a group of people got together to protest what they call Wall Street's influence and a growing disparity between the wealthiest 1% of Americans and what are becoming known as "the other 99."   

"This movement is about gathering facts, it's about getting to a position where our representatives, the people we elect to represent us, aren't doing that. We want to hold them accountable," said Smith County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Michael Tolbert.

The movement has reportedly hit 951 cities and 82 countries.

"Our feeling is that if you leave aside all the name-calling and rhetoric, that most of the people really want the same things, and it's things guaranteed us in the Constitution," said Occupy Tyler organizer Leah Matthews.

Organizers expect around 100 people to be at the rally.

It's yet to be seen whether "Occupy Tyler" will turn into a lengthy protest like the one in New York.

"Whether it will actually turn into a you know real Occupy [movement] where people stay all the time, that isn't our plan, but that's just part of this whole thing --everybody is just doing what they feel they need to do and unite together," said Matthews.

But Tolbert thinks the movement will be around for awhile.

"The conditions that caused it are not going to change anytime soon. I mean, these are deep, structural issues that need to be addressed by real solutions."

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