Zumba raises money for Breast Cancer awareness

Jamie Lund, breast cancer survivor
Jamie Lund, breast cancer survivor

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Over 100 participants came out to "Zumbathon" this weekend, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

"I think it's awesome that everybody is able to come out and participate and be able to participate in such a great cause," said Zumba participant, Laura Flores.

"It's for men and women," said Zumba instructor, Rudy Flores. "It's for both."

Rudy Flores teaches Zumba at the First United Methodist Church in Lufkin.

He says it feels great to combine his passion for fitness with raising money for the cause.

"Zumba, for me, has been a personal achievement. I've lost 60 pounds since January. I feel completely different, so it's something most definitely that I wanted to share," said R. Flores.

The 3 hour event cost 25 dollars per person, bringing in thousands of dollars to donate to Susan G. Komen for the cure.

"I'm doing it for the young people that have the breast cancer," said Zumba participant, Jewel Nole. "And, the money goes for, 100 percent of the money goes for breast cancer."

Jamie Lund is a breast cancer survivor, and she says she chose to participate because she's winning her battle.

Being that she's only 35 years old, she wanted to let other women know that you're never too young to be diagnosed.

"I thought it was not going to happen to me anytime soon, especially since cancer is not in our family," said Lund. "But, when and if a person finds a lump, they need to do something immediately."

She says her family's support and her faith gave her strength over the past six months since her diagnosis, strength she's passing on to others.

"Many women throughout their life will get some type of breast cancer, and I wanted to be there to encourage them."

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