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Proud of East Texas: Patti Ball/Ann Everett

By Joan Hallmark

What do Sweet Thangs, Orgasm Pie, and a murder in Brownsboro, Texas have in common? They're all part of a murder mystery called "Laid Out and Candle Lit". Patti Ball, writing under the name of Ann Everett, set the novel in her hometown of Brownsboro, the oldest town in Henderson County.

Ball not only uses some known locations along with fictitious ones like the bakery "Sweet Thangs", her family appears as characters in the book. "Laid Out and Candle Lit" is the first of three books set in Brownsboro. The book is available on Amazon and will be in book stores in November. Oh and by the way, the recipe for "Orgasm Pie" a chocolate coconut pecan confection, appears in the book too.

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