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Residents recall fear before arrest made in "Baseline Killer" case


On Wednesday, a jury is set to begin deliberating the fate of Mark Goudeau, who stands accused for more than nine murders in connection to the so-called "Baseline Killer" crime spree.

Nearly six years have passed since the crimes began in 2005, but for many who live in south Phoenix -- where many of the early crimes occurred -- the memories have hardly faded.

"It feels like it was just a week ago. I can remember the first time I found out about it. It was real shocking," said Frankie Rojas, who lives near Baseline Road in south Phoenix. 

Frankie said she was in middle school when she first heard about the robberies, attacks and rapes happening in her neighborhood. 

Her mom gave strict orders to come home early every night. 

"I remember always having to look over our shoulders to make sure we were OK," said Rojas. 

Another man, who did not want to be identified, said he began carrying a .45 caliber pistol in his truck.  He said the "Baseline Killer" crimes put the entire community on alert.

Even years later, Rojas, now a young mother, still carries pepper spray and refuses to let her guard down.  

"My son is not allowed to be in the porch alone so I have to be there with him," said Rojas.  "It's just simple stuff like that that changed."


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