Lufkin woman accused of stealing check to buy pills

Krystal Whinery photo courtesy of Angelina County Jail
Krystal Whinery photo courtesy of Angelina County Jail

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Police have arrested a Lufkin woman on forgery charges after she allegedly stole a check in order to buy drugs.

Krystal Whinery, 26, of Lufkin, is charged with forgery of a financial instrument.

The alleged incident happened on October 9 around 8 p.m.

The arrest affidavit report stated Whinery and another known suspect was at the victim's residence. Upon leaving the residence, the victim noticed a debit card was missing.

The victim later checked her bank records and discovered a check from her checking account was forged and cashed for $100 at Pal's Video Store located at the 1500 block of W. Frank Street.

The arrest affidavit stated Whinery went into the store and cashed the stolen check while the other suspect waited for her in the car.

Police were able to recover surveillance video of the transaction from Pal's Video.

The affidavit also stated Whinery gave an oral and written statement in regards to the incident. In her statement, she first denied she stole the check, but later admitted cashing the check.

In the statement she also said that she and the other suspect were trying to get some money so they could get Xanex pills.

Whinery also admitted they were both already drunk and high on pills.

"I approached the bathroom in {victim's} bedroom... I ripped one check out of the checkbook," Whinery explained in her statement.

She also explained after cashing the stolen check she and her accomplice drove to Mt. Carmel Road to buy more drugs.

Krystal Whiner was arrested on Wednesday. She was booked in the Angelina County Jail, where she has since posted bail.

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