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Gift of Love: Romelo

Romelo and I tried our hardest to get a many hole in one's as possible while enjoying the East Texas weather during a round of putt putt.

Romelo is somewhat shy and quiet at first but as he warms up to you, his personality begins to shine. Romelo also loves to go to school!

"Everything! Mainly math because all my Math, it's coming back to me and I'm doing good in Math," Romelo said.

Romelo is developmentally delayed and functions at a level several years below his age.

He has difficulty reading and writing and requires special education classes. Romelo tries very hard at everything he attempts and does not like to give up.

When he's not at school, Romelo loves to shoot some hoops.

"Go home and play basketball," Romelo said.

Like most boys his age, Romelo also loves pizza, especially pepperoni!

As for his forever family, "I want a family that cares for me, does everything for me and goes on trips," Romelo said.

And he hopes those trips include the outdoors!

"Go camping, go swimming, do everything!" Romelo said.

Romelo was removed in 2005 as part of a sibling group of three. One of the siblings is no longer in care and Romelo has a remaining sister, Shakyra, who is placed in a different home. Both Romelo and his sister are free for adoption. They would love to be placed together; however, they have come to an understanding that this might not happen. If not, it is very important to the siblings that they be allowed to have contact with each other.

"I want to be a person that has a good education and go to college and grow up," Romelo said.

Romelo will need a family that is both patient and consistent. A family that will recognize his strengths while encouraging him to work towards goals. And speaking of future goals, Romelo says he has a heart to be a missionary.

"A Christian who goes around and telling people about God," Romelo said.

He hopes for a family to show him the Gift of Love!

If you'd like to know more about Romelo you can call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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