Jack of the Week- Marquis Mosley

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - This time last year wide receiver Marquis Mosley was still playing in Tyler Rose stadium in high school and was committed to Illinois. Soon after he switched his letter of intent to stay home in East Texas at Stephen F. Austin.

"It's good to be close to home," said Mosley. "I have a lot of people back in Tyler that keep up with me and are looking at how I'm doing as the weeks go bye, so I'm glad I made the choice to go to Stephen F. Austin."

The coaching staff is happy about his decision too. Mosley has quickly moved up the ranks of the more than twenty Lumberjack wide receivers to the starting line up, but he isn't letting it go to his head.

"I really don't think too much about it," said Mosley. "I just try to stay humble and just try to go out and execute what the coaches ask me to do."

Mosley is only a freshman and already he has perspective on the importance of staying humble and practicing hard. Although he may not enjoy every practice Mosley says he understands the significance.

"My favorite part of football is Saturdays, I don't like practice, nobody likes practice," said Mosley. "Practice is hard but it pays off in the end because we push so hard that when we get into a game it really isn't anything to us. We don't get really tired so the harder you push in practice the easier it will make it in the game."

Outside receivers coach  Todd Schonhar called Mosley a grinder and that his skills far beyond what was expected of him as a freshman. That comes as no surprise since Mosley has been working on his skills for the next level since well before even arriving on campus.

"Me and Brady [Attaway] got together this summer before I came here and he just went over all the routes with me," said Mosley. "So we started working on our timing then and once I got here it was pretty much smooth."

Starting wide receiver freshman sensation Marquis Mosely is your 'Jack of the week.