Master Renovation Plan Adopted

The Nacogdoches County Buildings Renovation Plan is estimated to cost somewhere in the wide range of three and a half million to almost five million dollars.

The plan calls for no new construction, but rather renovation of existing buildings to improve the utilization of space according to Nacogdoches County Judge Sue Kennedy. "And those offices that have a lot of public interaction would be more accessible to the public and that was a significant factor in how we ended up making a decision on where to locate those offices."

A major concern are structural problems discovered in the district and county clerks offices and old jail. Architect Malcom McKinley said, "We're not able to take advantage of that space because of the structural problems. Once we repair that structural problem we take in that space. So the great thing about this plan is that the county hasn't to add any space."

The master plan calls for the district and county clerks offices on the first floor allowing for better accessibility to the public. The upstairs would be reserved for the court system, including an additional district court.

Phase one starts with the renovation of the courthouse annex to house early voting, county extension services, veterans services and personnel. In addition, the old creamery building would be renovated for probation. The plan calls for the relocation of many offices and lots of compromise by personnel. "It's just a back and forth compromise. You go back and forth with several graphic plans until everybody can be happy," said McKinley after meeting individually with each department head. The court will begin advertising for a construction manager this weekend. The selection process will get underway January 16th.