Avoiding Any Holiday Travel Breakdowns

Even though the terror threat level has increased to the second highest level just days before one of the most busiest travel holidays, state and federal officials are urging people to maintain a normal schedule.

The majority of holiday travel will be done on Texas highways and roads in personal vehicles. But before you hit the road, is your car ready to handle a long road trip? Experts say many people ignore preventive maintenance before they go on trips, which usually winds up with motorists stuck on the side of the road or paying hundreds of dollars in repair cost. They offer a checklist before you hit the highways. They are part of a travel readiness checklist.

First, check your belts and hoses, but especially the underside of belts because that's where possible cracks can be seen. Make sure your tires have proper tread. Tires keep you on the road, with poor tread, comes reduced traction. Check and refill fluids including oil, washer and radiator fluids. And finally, if you're unsure of anything, have your car undergo a professional inspection.

There are also two phone numbers to call before you hit the road:

The Texas Department of Transportation Road Conditions Hotline


Texas Department of Public Safety