Local Law Enforcement Take Notice of Terror Threat Level Increase

Major cities such as New York and Washington DC are implementing their security plans now that the terror alert level has been elevated from yellow to orange. But what about smaller cities, like here in East Texas?

"The main thing we're doing, we're watching the airport, and down around the lake area and stuff like that. That's where we've kind of heightened our security at. So far we haven't had anything and nothing's been brought to our attention on anything you know, to be really on the lookout for," said Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson.

Most of us probably don't even think about cities like Lufkin or Nacogdoches being a terrorist target. But some say that anywhere there's people, there's a potential target for terrorists.

"Being a populated area, anything can be a target... Your water, your gas, your electricity... Any of your utilities could be a target. As far as companies, things of that nature, you got the plants around us, some companies around town that have dealings nationwide, or worldwide, so you would have to watch out for things like that," said Lt. Greg Denman, Lufkin Police Department.

Both Sheriff Henson and Lt. Denman say that the only time you would really see a big difference in east texas would be if we were to go to code red. Then, you would probably notice an increase in officers on the street, which would mean extra costs for their departments.

Just like President Bush, Lt. Denman says that you should exercise caution, but not let the alert interfere with your holiday fun.  Because if you do, you've already fallen victim to the terror that's being plotted against us.